Couples Costumes


Couple Ideas

Arabian Couple
Archbishop and the Alter Boy/Girl
Austin Powers & Dr. Evil or Foxxy Cleopatra
Baron & Baroness
Batman and Batgirl
Batman and Cat Woman
Batman and Robin
Caesar & Cleopatra
Caveman and Cavewoman
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Colonial Couple
Convict & Judge
Count Dracula and his Bride
Cowboy and Cowgirl
Cruella DeVille & Dalmatian
Danny & Sandy (Grease couple)
Dorothy & Scarecrow or Tin Man
Egyptian King & Queen
Elvis Presley & Las Vegas Showgirl
Evil King & Evil Queen
Fred Flintsone & Wilma
Great Gatsby Couple
Guinevere & King Arthur
Gunslinger and Saloon girl 
Harem Dancer and Arabian Genie
Indian Chief and Maiden
Jessie and Woody (Toy Story)
King Tut & Nefertiti
Lancelot and Guinevere
Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf
Luke Skywalker & Queen Amidala
Mardi Gras Jesters 
Marquis and Madame de Sade
Medieval Warrior Queen & Medieval King
Mexican & Signorita
Michael Jackson & Marilyn Munroe
Mountie and Convict 
Musketeer & Medieval Wench
Nascar Pit girls 
Navel Officer and Mermaid
Nurse & Doctor & patient
Pepe LePiew and Mimi LePiew
Peter Pan & Tinkerbelle
Peter Pan & Wendy 
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Phantom of the Opera & Christine
Pimp and Ho
Pirates of the Sea couple
Police Officer & Pimp or Ho
Popeye & Olive Oyl
Priest & the Nun
Riverboat Gambler and Saloon Girl
Robin Hood & Friar Tuck
Robin Hood and Maid Marion
Roman Gladiator & Roman Goddess
Romeo and Juliet 
Sailor and Mermaid
Scarlet O'Hara & Southern Gentlemen
Snow White & a Dwarf or Bad Witch
Sylvester & Tweetie Bird
The Joker & Queen of Hearts Cards
The Roaring 20's couple
The Street Drinkers
Upstairs & Downstairs maids
Zorro and Lady Zorro
Zorro and Spanish Lady